About The Cliff Garden

Let your home be your trusted partner for a smiling life. After the overwhelming response to The Crown Greens at Hinjewadi, Pune, TCG Real Estate is proud to present The Cliff Garden (Phase-1), a residental development designed to nuture a smiling community. It's a creation that will transform the way you live!



Floor Plan





Bus Shelter

Convenience store

24x7 Ambulance

Stroller friendly

Wheelchair friendly


Privacy & Extended Views

The planning offers utmost privacy to the residents. Distance between the buildings is about 400 feet.
The homes offer extended views of the hills, central garden and valley view.


The Cliff Garden is geographically located at a higher elevation enhancing its cool atmosphere.

TCG Care

Essentials for a smiling life.

Water Conservation & Recycling

The Cliff Garden is equipped with a number of green features that ensure eco-friendly living. Usage of aerated taps helps in water conservation.

Better Construction Technology

To ensure quality of construction, the latest precast construction technology has been adopted

  • The quality of beams, columns and slabs are of better quality as they are made in a controlled environment with quality raw material and better curing process.
  • The beams, columns and slabs are manufactured in a factory and assembled on
    the site, speeding up the construction process.
  • The precast construction process is beneficial in many ways like less labour, less material storage and less machinery at site. This helps to control wastage of resources and reducing noise and air pollution leading to minimum impact on environment.

Better Wind Flow

The Cliff Garden is planned in such a way that all buildings have free access to winds from west and north-west. The wind stays unobstructed between the buildings. The wind also passes over the central garden, making the project cooler.

Better Sunlight

The buildings are designed taking into consideration the sun's path ensuring maximum sunlight inside the home.

TCG Connect

A digital platform for ease and convenience.

Better ventilation

Windows are designed to harvest the wind into the home, bringing in adequate ventilation and fresh air.

Solid waste management

Segregated garbage will be treated in OWC (organic waste composter). Manure generated will be used for nourishing the garden.

Enter The Future

Wake up to the sound of chirping birds and refreshing golden rays of the sun. Be surrounded by hills and scenic breath-taking views.